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The Startup Study Book

The Startup Study is produced and published by TechnicaCuriosa.com, the home of iconic Popular Electronics, Mechanix Illustrated, and Popular Astronomy magazines. We’ve partnered with leading data scientists to design and administer this landmark study, as well as engineer the cutting-edge AI that will connect the non-obvious dots hiding in the data, identifying the cause and effect dependencies that will augment vital understandings for navigating this dynamic five-year period.

About the Technica Curiosa Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

At Technica Curiosa we are dedicated to inspiring and equipping technology entrepreneurs who are ushering in an exciting, world-changing future. From ideation to start-up, to achieving scale and beyond, we are helping entrepreneurs make new and nonobvious connections across emerging technologies, lateral developments, and opportunity trajectories that culminate in truly disruptive innovations. And along the way, we deliver the valuable resources that help them succeed. To these ends, we’ve architected our iconic titles to cross-pollinate big ideas in interesting and exciting ways that work to empower and stimulate creativity, embolden imagination, and foster mindsets of possibility. In doing so, we expand the field of view—and include you in it.

Our fast-growing ecosystem comprises numerous stakeholder companies and organizations who share our passion for enabling and supporting vital new startup initiatives. Additionally, our platform’s thought-leading contributors span tech celebrities to best-selling authors to industry professionals to academia, as well as researchers from Stanford, Caltech, Columbia, MIT, as well as NASA, DARPA, and the National Labs—all of whom are addressing the important technologies that are revolutionizing industries spanning energy to communications, artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, genetics to robotics, the commercialization of space to self-driving cars.

To join us, contact John Schroeter at john (at) technicacuriosa.com

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