The New Mechanix Illustrated

The New Mechanix Illustrated

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In this special edition of Mechanix Illustrated: 

Mechanix Illustrated

  • Shuttle Astronaut Mike Massimino on engineering a path to space with robotics, teleoperation, and innovations in force feedback.
  • Special focus on self-driving cars.
  • Augmented reality in head-up displays.
  • A history of human-machine systems in space.
  • Advances in artificial photosynthesis.
  • Mining Helium-3 on the Moon.
  • The fascinating beginnings of unmanned systems.
  • The turbine-powered Firebirds.
  • Inside the most amazing haptic technologies.
  • An introduction to automobile aerodynamics.
  • Architecture for the 22nd Century: asteroid-suspended towers.
  • Patents and the path of invention.