The Startup Study

The “Great Transformation” is upon us, unfolding and expanding in remarkable and exciting ways that will revolutionize every aspect of business—innovation, market development, capital, global talent, and more. Indeed, nothing will be left untouched. Many of the coming disruptions will be driven—and accelerated—by a new and emerging class of entrepreneurs working right now in startup incubators, accelerators, and university entrepreneurship programs. As such, there has never been a better time—or opportunity—to get to know them.

Join us in a groundbreaking five-year longitudinal study that follows these future leaders—a study that comprises a journey of strategic, if not existential, importance that will bring vital insights not only to the major trends shaping the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, but also shed light on their unconventional approaches and thinking with respect to:

  • Innovation, product development, and go-to-market strategies.
  • Challenges, competencies, and critical knowledge gaps.
  • Strengths, risks, and opportunities.
  • Capital, talent, partners, and other vital ecosystem components.
  • Missions, ideologies, worldviews, and demographics.
  • Failure modes, pivots, and key success factors.

Equally important, the Study delves into the entrepreneurial mindsets that are driving the exponential technologies they’re exploiting to transform our world over the next decade.

Follow these entrepreneurs from their early stages to growth while they work to balance a multi-trillion dollar wave of new investment in emerging technologies over the next decade against the radically disrupted jobs market that will attend it. Indeed, the new entrepreneurs are operating in an unprecedented milieu of massive opportunity, major economic impact, and regulatory uncertainty that will develop under their dynamic leadership and influence. The Startup Study reveals precisely what all business leaders need to know in order to successfully intersect and navigate the work of what will prove to be history’s most consequential generation of entrepreneurs.The Startup Study Book

Each year of the five-year Study will be produced and published in a formal, comprehensive review of the findings, complete with detailed survey results, insightful case studies, incisive commentary by our team of expert advisers, and valuable information about the essential resources that are co-evolving along with the fast-developing ecosystem.

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